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Camel Oracle Advance Queue (OAQ) Batch

Batch OAQ comsumer in camel JMS(sjms2)

recently at my job we had the need to dequeue in batch from oaq.

The context is that we have some legacy third-party systems, and we have the need to having domain events, of course the legacy code hardly can support this feature. So we decided to just have and Oracle Advance Queue that is filled with a trigger on a table.

A partner developer wrote a camel program that dequeue from OAQ, the problem is that open one transacction and commit for each message, transactions are slow in oracle and the best performance was about 3 messages per second... we have times were the deep of the OAQ reach the 10.000 messages, so cleary we need more speed.

Looking for solutions i found that the version 2 of SJMS2 support batch transactions, i leave the sample code, i hope help you.